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Andromeda pattern, catalogue 1961

Limepot, Vietnamese
See Vietnamese Limepot

London Shape
London is the name of a teaware shape made by Spode and many other manufacturers. Introduced around 1813. It was very popular and Spode continued to make the shape into the early 21st century.

Coffee cup, Spode bone china, London shape,
pattern 2169 introduced c1815, made c1847
Many potters manufacturing in the late 1700s/early 1800s, including Spode, did not always mark their wares. The variation in the shape of these similar cups and in particular their handles helps to identify which manufacturer made them. Have a look at my blog Spode and Cup Handles for more information.

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Lowestoft shape was produced in Stone China body. Find out more about this shape by clicking Spode and Trade Winds.
1983 catalogue page